About Faculty of Agriculture

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The Faculty of Agriculture is one of eight faculties composing the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. The present portfolio of the faculty fully reflects the recent European trends – to complement the primary productive function of agriculture with its non-productive ones. The broader perspective encompasses not only particular technologies, but also the context in which agriculture operates, including natural, social, economic and cultural aspects. Rural space / countryside / land-scape issues attract still growing interest as both the subject of teaching and research realized at the Faculty. Faculty orientation gives graduates possibilities being successful on the employment market as well as encourages scientific and research integration in the frame of national and international scale.

International cooperation and research

Research activities at the Faculty of Agriculture have a strong application character. Working with partners from the private sector and research institutions is the rule. It covers a whole area of science and research at the Faculty from the preparation of projects, the solution of specific problems and use of results in practice. As an example we can mention application of knowledge in cattle and pig breeding, protection of genetics resources and food quality control. Significant is the area of landscape, particulary water system, remediation of areas devastated by mining, or monitoring of nuclear power plant impact on the environment.

The most significant projects are solved within the framework of the COST, KONTAKT and ERASMUS+ partnership programme. In the past dealt FP6 project EULACIAS “Breaking the spiral of unsustainability in arid and semiarid areas in Latin America using an ecosystems approach for co-inovation of farm livelihoods.

Do you know?

  • Faculty of Agriculture is awarded the „Excellent Organization“ by the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • Students can make experiments in both conventional and organic small plot experiments research areas.
  • Faculty use own research brewery.


  • Agricultural machinery and services
  • Agroecosystems
  • Animal husbandry sciences
  • Applied chemistry
  • Biological disciplines
  • Landscape management
  • Plant production
  • Quality of agricultural products